28 Darts Later Rules



28 Darts Later is a 24-hour, 2-day, survival tag game. The goal of the humans is to survive, the goal of zombies is to tag humans. The humans can survive by stunning zombies, they can do this by hitting them with a dart out of a blaster or a (clean) sock. The projectile MUST leave the barrel of your blaster/your hand for it to count.

Zombies wear ribbon as a headband, Humans wear ribbon as an armband. Stunned zombies will move ribbon off their head to anywhere else e.g their neck.

Everyone communicates via the 28 Darts Later Discord.

3 times per day we will run missions where all members of both teams get together to complete objectives. You will be told these times well in advance. Please be on time to these as there will be a briefing for the mechanics of the mission.


Zombies who are not stunned can tag a Human with a full palm touch on anything the Human is holding or wearing. This includes backpacks, blasters etc.

A Zombie is stunned for 10 minutes outside of mission. Stun timers will vary on missions. You will be told when this happens. Stunned Zombies MUST NOT interfere with active players in any way.

You may only tag two Humans at once in a group (Two-By-Two rule, no octopus arms!). This is so that we can determine who has been tagged.

Pull your headband off your head when stunned. Either down to your neck or hold it up in the air or anywhere else that is appropriate. Your headband must always be clearly visible if you are not stunned and not be covered by hair, a hat etc.

There will be NO ORIGINAL ZOMBIES this game. The only zombies at the start will be fully fledged starting zombies.


This game will have its own Discord! If you are not in the 28DL Discord, please contact a mod.

The Discord will contain different channels that information on the game will be added to:

Game announcements – All announcements for everyone.

Game-rules-and-safety – A written list of all safety guidelines we will discuss here.

Join – Where you type to join the game (More details further on)

Mod Contact – If you have any problems PLEASE use this channel, we will be checking it frequently.

General – For all other messages.

Questions – For any other questions for mods.

Blaster rules – A written list of all the blaster rules we will discuss here.

Blaster approval- For blasters to be approved (More details further on).


To join this game: In the #join channel in the Discord server.

RHUL Student : .join Full Name Student Number

(ex .join John Smith 1009xxxxx)

Guests: .join Full Name Any Number

(ex .join John Smith 9999999)

You will be sent a brain code, make sure not to reveal it to anyone. They can tag you for free if they know this! The braincode represents your humanity. If you are not send a braincode, please contact a mod. Please message a mod if you need to be deemed out of play at any time.


As a zombie after you have tagged someone:

Ask them for their braincode.

In the #zombie-chat channel, type .tag [braincode]

Congratulations! Tagger will come up with a message confirming the tag. You’ve tasted your first brains. Please register a tag as soon as possible to prevent confusion. Tag backlogs suck.

If there is a dispute over a tag, BOTH players involved must put their hands on their head and seek a moderator. Not putting your hands on your head means you can still be tagged. Mods have final say on disputes IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.


Stock Nerf/ Boom Co/X-Shot blasters with no mods are allowed automatically.

Any alterations from conventional blasters including internals and paint jobs must be approved by both a moderator and a current member of committee. These people will be pointed out clearly on the Discord and at the event.

All paint jobs must be AT LEAST 50% bright colours and an orange tip is preferred. All internal mods must be under 130 fps limit for normal darts / half lengths, 110 FPS for Rival and 100FPS for all Full Auto blasters. If you’re unsure, we will have a chronograph on the day to test it for you.

NO GAS-POWERED BLASTERS ARE ALLOWED. This is for legal reasons.

A full list of the specifications are available on the Discord as well as channels to send your blasters to committee and mods. For this event, we are kindly asking that players do not bring a proton pack blaster (or similar) for balance reasons.


DBAD – Don’t be a dick; at the end of the day everyone playing and running the game is a human at heart so treat everyone with respect. Don’t shoot people in the head.

This is an honour sport, same as any other HvH or Airsoft etc activity. Please call your hits and call your tags. Play fairly, this is only a game. Anyone caught cheating deliberately or impacting the game negatively for others will be dealt with by the head mod and committee.

Remember that moderators have the final call on game matters. Please don’t argue with them – they are here to make this game fun, enjoyable and safe for you all.

No play in Safe Zones! This includes:

Academic Buildings, Bathrooms, Kitchens and Bedrooms, Residential buildings between 11PM and 7AM, Dining Areas, Mail Rooms and Laundry (Includes Strawberry Cow), Ground and first floor of founders (including Quads), Kingswood Car Parks, Sports fields if you are taking part, 1m around vehicles and doors when in use, Queues, Off Campus and bridges (Starts when elevated)

Houses are Opt-In. If you would like to do this, please message the mods (and your housemates!)


As a change from last year, the college has demanded that there is NO PLAY AT NIGHT.

Please avoid Outside Medicine after 9PM and avoid play around major construction works.

There are weddings happening on campus in and around the Founders building during the event. Do NOT go anywhere near these under any circumstances, play stops around them. You may move through these areas while not in play but remain out of any photos.

Your ribbon must always be clearly visible while in play.

Control your speed – If you can’t come to a complete stop at any time then you are moving unsafely. Control your sound.

No non-player involvement – non-players cannot be used to gain advantages i.e. checking corners, playing lookout or baiting zombies. Avoid playing around non-players.

No climbing objects that are above your hip height (Measured from ground level) – This applies to climbing and falling.

There is a 1 metre safe zone around doors (includes revolving doors) and campus entrances (includes bridges) when in use. If a Human shoots from this safe zone, the safe zone is nullified.

In certain situations, Mods will announce a game pause. If this happens, both teams stop playing, move away from dangerous areas, stand still, and put your hands on your head if possible until play is resumed. All gameplay must stop during this time i.e. stun timers, no reloading or picking up darts.

Avoid play on roads. You may shoot across roads and move over roads but only when the roads are clear. Fire Alarms are safe zones if you are involved in the alarm. If you are not involved, please avoid the area.

You may fire your blasters full auto however please switch to burst if zombies are within 2 metres of you. No one wants to get mag dumped at close range.


If 3 or more of one team trap another team in any* Safe Zone and they do not have a valid reason for being there, either team can call a Siege.

To call a Siege, make sure both parties are informed and then message the mods your location. Once the siege has been approved (by message or in person), the sieged players will have an amount of time to escape the sieged building.

If a sieged player leaves the sieged area, the siege (for them) is broken, and they may not re-enter that safe zone until they have entered another safe zone.

If the sieged players fail to exit the sieged area within the allotted time, mods will position the sieged players within a temporary safe zone for 1 minute. At the end of that minute, the safe zone disappears.

Siegeing cannot enter a sieged building without sieged player permission.

Zombies are stunned while inside the sieged building and for 30 seconds upon leaving. (Does not occur when the siege begins)

Mods reserve the right to determine on a case-by-case basis as to whether a siege can/is taking place. No sieges after the final mission of a day.


Do not use safe zones unless necessary. Pay attention to your surroundings and avoid being overly disruptive to campus.

Be safe! Safety is more important than the game for yourself and the continued existence of 28DL and RHUL HvZ.


Aside from missions, multiple activities will run across the days in the form of “dayplay”. These are opt-in, may carry special rewards and will be revealed closer to the event.